Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday 13

So, I figured I might as well keep up with my pattern of doing movie "reviews" for want of a better term, and list 13 things from the Director's Cut of Kingdom of Heaven that I either liked or disliked.

1. The beginning- I really liked all that they added here, made me realize how rushed the beginning of the theatrical cut felt.
2. Baldwin V- The child of Sibylla was totally cut from the original cut of the film. It adds to her character (but, ultimately, not the plot) but it was overall well done. I liked it.
3. Guy de Lusigna- extended his character out more, too. Also a nice addition.
4. A fitting conclusion- I never really felt that Saladin was the true villain or perhaps I should say the real antagonist of the film. He was there, was needed, and so forth, but the true conflict was really among the people of Jerusalem. Notably: King Baldwin IV and Balian against Guy de Lusigna. This conflict is finally settled satisfactorily in this extended cut.
5. Jeremy Irons- What can I say? I like the actor, and he's in this cut more.
6. You find out that Balian has been to war before, which makes sense as to why he's so good with a sword at the start of the film.
7. "I once fought for two days with an arrow in my testicle."
8. More is shown with Balian and his wife, making him seem far more in mourning for his recently deceased wife than he was in the original.
9. "God will understand, and if he doesn't then he isn't God and you need not worry."
10. When Guy kills a messenger with a knife he subsequently cuts off the man's head with his sword, explaining why, in the theatrical cut, he has his sword drawn and it has blood on it. That really kinda bothered me whenever I saw the theatrical cut.
11. "I shall confess to God when I see him."
12. It's much longer, which both works and does not work for it.
13. More Edward Norton, too. That's usually a plus.


  1. I never saw this, I'm sorry to admit. Edward Norton is a amazing, too, so I need to rectify it. Number seven definitely woke me up at my desk. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I haven't seen it yet either, but I like your description of it. I found the quotes you chose funny, too.

    Have you considered writing for screen or stage? It's not something I've ever had an interest in, but you seem to have a good eye for that kind of detail.

    Happy TT!

  3. Hi, Lucius! I gave you a Versatile Blogger award today. I know you don't blog frequently, but I'm always impressed by the variety of your posts and the 'look' of your blog. Good stuff, Maynard! You can stop by my blog to see it, and accept it here if you like.

    Hope your weekend is going well!