Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday 13

It's an old topic, but for this Thursday 13, I'm going to list 13 things about the recent remake Clash of the Titans. Most of them will be things that bothered me because I'm a nitpicker, know more than the average person about Greek Mythology and have loved the original since I was wee little lad.

1. Perseus' background. Did they really need to change this at all? What was the point? It really didn't add anything to it that they couldn't have had with the character's original background.

2. Acrisius. Again, same as above, except changing his background a bit actually detracted from the film because...

3. A siege on Olympus... a siege on Olympus!? what the Hell was he expecting to gain from laying siege to the fucking gods? This isn't Norse mythology, the gods can't die. At least, not from physical means, and trying to starve them out is pretty stupid, too. They don't need conventional means to move around.

4. Io. According to the movie, she was cursed with immortality after she refused the advances of a god. For one, I don't think a mortal could really refuse a god's advances, unless said mortal was hit with Eros' (aka Cupid) arrow, not the one that makes you fall in love, but the one that doesn't... Anyway, last I knew Zeus turned her into a cow to his his affair with her from his sister-wife Hera. That would've been an interesting conversation to hear: "No, honey, I wasn't being adulterous, I was just visiting this cow..."

5. No matter what issues I may have had with Io... she was pretty.

6. I got tired of Perseus complaining all the time about how he wasn't a god, he was a mortal and needed to do this as a mortal, etc.

7. Did they really need to have Perseus use a lightsaber?

8. The Craken wasn't created from a part of Hades... nor was it a creature from Greek Mythology to begin with.

9. I'm split on Medusa... the top half of her (the woman part) was kinda attractive... which doesn't fit with my idea of Medusa at all. However, her "turn you into stone" look would be similar to what I'd expect of her.

10. Since when was Pegasus black?

11. Since when was there an entire heard of Pegasuses (Pegasi?)?

12. They seemed like they were just name dropping at the beginning of the film, fitting as many references to mythology/the previous film as they could, which really bothered me at the time, but sort of tapered off.

13. Bubo's cameo was probably the best part of the film...

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  1. I love the line, "I was just visiting this cow." The original "Clash of the Titans" is a distinct memory from my youth. I wish Hollywood would leave the classics alone. Can't they create anything new? Then again, the studios are cashing in, aren't they? And, admittedly, I also don't like seeing my favorite books butchered by film. It seems that my best bet is to stick with a few favorites. After watching "Alice in Wonderland", I think your assessment was too kind. Your commentaries are a joy to read! Too bad I can't go back in time and spend those hours writing, instead.